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Promoting and providing functional and conventional health food ingredients and cosmetic ingredients produced in Hokkaido. Also, we offer one-stop solutions from commercialization to import and export of health foods and cosmetics.

There are a lot of delicious foods in Hokkaido, because it is the most popular and the biggest area for primary industries such as agriculture and fishery in Japan. Many researchers and bio-venture companies develop various kinds of functional ingredients and products from the rich food materials of Hokkaido, and research institutions like university and a local government agency are supporting their R&D. Thus, those functional ingredients and products of Hokkaido have a great quality and potential.
North Life is founded by the demand of the bio-venture companies. Our experience and expertise bring forth our commitment to provide wonderful products of Hokkaido based on strong relationship with our trusted partners with a vison to enhancing quality of life.

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Planning OEM Product

Supporting the development of new products for our customer’s health foods and cosmetics


North Life helps clients develop new products for their brands. We have solid experience in creating a variety of products, including supplements, cosmetics, perfumes, processed foods, drinks, and soft drinks.


We have a lot of information on various ingredients. The main ingredients are from Hokkaido, but sometimes it is not enough to make a product. We have relationships with many ingredient manufacturers and trading companies in and outside of Hokkaido, so we are able to procure ingredients from outside Hokkaido and overseas as well.

Ingredient Summary


The information posted on this page are for engineers involved in the production of health foods and cosmetics.
Please note that this material is not intended for general consumers.