About Us

We -North Life- is the sales division of biotech companies in Hokkaido.

We -North Life- has a remarkable corporate presence in Hokkaido since 2007.
Hokkaido is nature-rich islands located in the northern most area of Japan.
There are a lot of delicious foods in Hokkaido, because it is the most popular and the biggest area for primary industries such as agriculture and fishery in Japan. Many researchers and bio-venture companies develop various kinds of functional ingredients and products from the rich food materials of Hokkaido, and research institutions like university and a local government agency are supporting their R&D. Thus, those functional ingredients and products of Hokkaido have a great quality and potential.
North Life was founded by the demand of the bio-venture companies. Our experience and expertise bring forth our commitment to provide wonderful products of Hokkaido based on strong relationship with our trusted partners with a vison to enhancing quality of life.

Our Works

1.Selling Functional Ingredients

We sell various kinds of "Made in Hokkaido" functional ingredients for health foods, health supplements, cosmetics, and so on.

2.OEM / ODM of Health Supplements & Cosmetics

We plan and manufacture private label health supplements, cosmetics, etc. with our OEM / ODM partners.

3.Wholesaling "Made in Hokkaido" Products

We supply various kinds of "Made in Hokkaido" products of health foods, food supplements, cosmetics and so on.

4.Our brand products

We have developed our brand Hokkaido series supplements. We are inviting wholesellers.


Company Name

North Life Co., Ltd.


Daisuke NAITO

Main Shareholder

Daisuke NAITO

North Pacific Bank

Hisato DOI (CEO of Human Capital Management Inc.)

Hiroshi MAENO (Chairman of Hachioji Station North Entrance You-Road)


Foundation & Establishment

29th March 2007


Uni Bild. 2F, 1-1, Nishimachi-Kita-6-chome, Nishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN
TEL:011-887-7970 FAX:011-887-7971