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    1. Food Ingredients
    2. Cosmetic Ingredients


  • Ingredients of Hokkaido

    Ingredients of Hokkaido

    Promoting and providing functional and conventional health food ingredients and cosmetic ingredients produced in Hokkaido.

  • Domestic and Overseas Ingredients

    Domestic and Overseas Ingredients

    We also carry the functional and conventional ingredients produced in Japan and overseas.

  • Planning OEM Product

    Planning OEM Product

    Supporting the development of new products for our customer’s health foods and cosmetics.

  • Planning / Developing Functional Ingredient

    Planning / Developing Functional Ingredient

    To stay competitive in today's ingredients market, we develop and propose new functional ingredients.

  • Import / Export

    Import / Export

    Utilizing our network with overseas companies to import and export trusted products and ingredients.

  • Dried Fruit Products

    Dried Fruit Products

    Importing / wholesaling delicious Vietnamese dried fruit products.