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Weathering Fossil Shell Powder

Calcium without Calcium Paradox

On the Kuromatsunai Fault in Yakumo-cho, Hokkaido, a fossilized layer of Kamionishi shellfish from about 20 million years ago has been exposed, nd it has progressed to weathering. Because it has been weathered, it has low activity and has a different crystallization style (normal limestone is alcite, this weathering fossil shell is aragonite), making it a valuable calcium source that does not cause the so-called calcium paradox. This raw aterial is made by mining the weathered fossils of Kamionishi shellfish, carefully sorting them, heat sterilizing them at 280℃, and turning them into a fine powder.

Display Name Example for Food
Display Name Example for Cosmetics
Origin Raw material
Origin Raw material's Place of Origin Hokkaido
Manufacturing Place Hokkaido
Ingredients Calcium carbonate
Standardized Ingredients 98% as Calcium carbonate (31~39% as calcium)
Functional Claims
Recommended Dosage 680~1,530mg/day (210~600mg/day as Calcium)
Expected Function ◎ Strengthen the bone and tooth ◎ Smoothen the function of muscle ◎ Stabilizing the mental condition ◎ Preventing osteoporosis
Uses ◎ Supplements, drinks and processed food
Properties White powder
Storage Condition Keep in cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight
  • Made in Hokkaido
  • Made in Japan

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