1. Food Ingredients

KINKO Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa) Powder

100% KINKO Sea Cucumber Powder of Hokkaido

Cucumaria frondosa is an organism classified in the Sea Cucumber class, and its standard Japanese name is ``KINKO''. The expressions ``sea
ucumber'' and ``KINKO'' are complicated and need to be careful. (The names are summarized on the next page. Sea cucumbers are often called ea cucumbers as a general term for organisms belonging to the class Sea Cucumber.) This raw material is dried and powdered from the standard
apanese name "KINKO". In China, sea cucumbers are sea ginseng (medi cine), they have been recognized as a healthy food since ancient times, nd are still used as gifts during the Lunar New Year. In the Chinese medicinal work "Bencao Congxin" published in the Qing Dynasty, there is a
ention that "it helps the functio n of the kidneys and stimulates energy. It contains collagen, mucopolysaccharide, saponin, etc., and the saponin
ontent is particularly high, about six times that of Apostichopus japonicus as known as its standard Japanese name “MANAMAKO”.

Display Name Example for Food ◎ Cucumaria frondosa powder, etc.   Please check with the health authority in your country.
Display Name Example for Cosmetics
Origin Raw material Kinko (sea cucumber)
Origin Raw material's Place of Origin Hokkaido
Manufacturing Place Japan
Ingredients Kinko powder
Standardized Ingredients
Functional Claims
Recommended Dosage
Expected Function ◎ Skin beautifying effect ◎ Reducing back pain and joint pain ◎ Strengthening nourishment
Uses ◎ Health supplements, drinks nad process foods
Properties Brown powder
Storage Condition Keep in cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight
  • Made in Hokkaido
  • Made in Japan

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