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Chiken Anserine & Carnosine (Imidazole Dipeptide) Extract powder

Less Odor Ingredients with Unique Technology

Imidazole dipeptide is extracted from chicken. It is characterized by low odor due to a special extraction method using a patented manufacturing
ethod.It is said that the secret to the ability of migratory birds and migratory fish to continue exercising forever is imidazole dipeptide in their uscles. An amino acid with an imidazole group is called histidine, and the combination of these is an imidazole dipeptide Typical examples include
arnosine, which is common in birds and mammals, anserine, which is common in fish, and balenine, which is common in whales.

Display Name Example for Food 50% powderChiken Extract, Dextrin 40% powderChiken Extract, Processed Starch 20% powderChiken Extract, Dextrin 10% powderChiken Extract, Dextrin, Starch
Display Name Example for Cosmetics
Origin Raw material Chiken
Origin Raw material's Place of Origin Japan
Manufacturing Place Hokkaido
Standardized Ingredients Imidazole Dipeptide 50%,40%,20%,10%
Functional Claims
Recommended Dosage As Imidazole Dipeptide200~400,As Product (50% powder)400~800,As Product (40% powder)500~1,000,As Product (20% powder)1,000~2,000 (Unit:mg/day)
Expected Function Antifatigue・Removing active oxygen・ Antiaging・Improving athletic performance
Uses ◎ Supplements ◎ Drinks ◎ Sports related food & drinks
Properties 50% powder Light yellow powder with slight bitter taste,40% powder Light yellow powder with slight bitter taste,20% powder Light brown powder with original flavor,10% powder Light brown powder with original flavor
Storage Condition Keep in room temperature
  • Made in Japan
  • Patented Technology
  • GMP

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